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What will I do before I turn 30? 


Thirty Before Thirty is a collection of interviews that I conducted the entire year prior to turning 30 and even upon turning 30. I asked friends from all over the world to tell me their very own stories. I asked about life, love, and travel.  


I decided I wanted this book to be a Q&A because what can be simpler than asking a question and hearing the answer?



The results is this book that is filled with the most fascinating of journeys, full of hope, inspiration, and advice from 30 different people.

Always, from my entire heart,

Griselda Benavides 

A Little From My Past 

2 month road trip across America 
My first kitchen in New York City 
My first apartment in Guadalajara, Mexico
My time in Europe 

Hi! Tell me what your favorite part of the book was! 


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